01 - Welcome to Carbon Copy

A new member joins the Carbon Copy crew.

02 - Work Etiquette

Tensions start to grow with the newest member of the team.

03 - Stressing Point

Some points of contention arise with the new member.

04 - Magic Macabre

Kally and Wrath investigate some rumors of magic in an abandoned castle.

05 - Waterlogged

A rouge portal opens up, and Carbon Copy is called to assist.

06 - Pheromone Flight

Carbon Copy receive a call for support from another overwhelmed DF force.

07 - Law and Disorder

While some members of Carbon Copy choose to help their community, others have their hands too deep into the seedy underbelly.

08 - Highway Hypocrite

There are monsters who can wear the masks of a good person. Some choose to take on the persona until the time is right, while others embrace their nature and wear their true face at all time. Tension comes to the boiling point between two ideologies.

09 - A Long Descent

Kally and Wrath investigate an old farm with rumors of noises in the night, but perhaps take on more than they can handle...